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I don't believe EA or 2K are ass to be honest

Definitely, that's the way I see it anyhow. I have drafted scramblers in the first round as well and really the only difference is their starting speed/agility. Throw electricity, etc is in the same ballpark in my own experience or generally the exact same. Here's a record I posted awhile back of winrsgold my 19-0 Bills using a first round scrambler I turned into a record breaking GOAT. Today I wish to draft me a scrambler to work on. Haha. I simply had a draft another day at my league (four of us total), and the man I took could not run, but his arm is nice out the gate, with a hidden development.I feel it. But I get the ball out quickly. Or have excellent pocket existence. I am not one of those who simply drop back and back and backagain. And that I move around to let my cubes hold up, double-team/chip men, change. With that said, an elite pass-rusher will still give me problems without an elite right tackle, so that I could respect that.

For those. This is exactly what a"non-sim" game looks like

My question and idea is, is what's stopping 2k from making a blitz style match, marketing that as their principal game mode, then making a sim/franchise part of Madden 20 NFL and simply calling it an add-on match style? Or perhaps dlc franchise mode? Probably can not do that if they don't have the license for a sim NFL game. If I were 2K, I'd create an"arcade style" similar to Madden's Arcade setting (rather arcade-like, but largely similar to sim; e.g. nothing such as Blitz) except make it 8v8 should they have to so as to abide by the arcade license legal language, whatever that entails. However, make real-looking stadiums, maybe not sandlots or alleyways or public baskeball courts, etc.. Actual demonstration, commentary, franchise/Coach style, My GM mode, etc. only with 8v8 or anything it takes to satisfy the permit of an"arcade" game.

If not, you can release a companion game that shares all of the resources, however you can replace the roll up and the logos and phone it All Pro Football 2K22 or anything (and allow modding/editing so players can mod Madden 20 NFL with NFL logos and custom rosters with NFL player titles ) that does 11v11 simulation football.

I don't believe EA or 2K are ass to be honest. I think most of the issues that affect NBA 2K and Madden are it's forced the developers to cater to that subset that is little and that a small percentage of this market spends a significant quantity of money. As a result leaves them developmental resources to further another"older" facets of Madden 20 NFLs, which is exactly what causes the majority of the negative comments already aimed at either on social media.I can totally imagine a scenario where 2K starts putting a lot of the groundwork for when the license becomes available, so they can more easily transition if they do work something out with the NFL. I think Madden has the license through 2021, which could produce the timing before EA renews until like 2030 lmao. I think 2K is currently gon na have their hands full building a football game that is fantastic from scratch punctually, and making sure to cheap RS gold deal with the issues fans have had with Madden for more than ten years.

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